Musings of a Guy Who Put the “Micro” in Micro-Influencer

I was writing at a café this weekend when I noticed a nearby couple setting out an elaborate spread. At first, I was baffled by the size of the assortment because they were two wispy individuals who didn't look like they would be able to name a carb with a gun to the head. But it all made sense once, upon elaborately staging the food and beverages, they pulled out a large camera and began a photoshoot.

A Collaboration and a Publication

G'day, mate! Vegemite! Outback Steakhouse? Welp, that just exhausted my Australian lexicon. You may be asking, "Dan, why are you using Australian slang? Is this your way of introducing a bold move across the world?" It is not, but it does signify what I consider to be an exciting development in my writing.