That Time I Walked Out of a Dance Audition

I did something unforgettable in the spring of 2013. No, I didn't write an earth-shattering exposé about the plight of refugees in the Middle East. I wish that I had done something that was memorable in such a positive way, but this was unforgettable in the worst way.

Remembering My Grandma

Last Sunday I got a call that I never wanted. I was in Indianapolis for a winter retreat with students who volunteer for my office when I received news that I was not expecting. I first got a text telling me that my Grandma was not doing well and then a follow-up call to inform me of how pressing the situation truly was.

Planning for the Future in a Pup Tent

I lay on my sleeping bag feeling content. Sunlight warmed me as it filtered through the thin material of the small tent that I was inside. Within a few moments, I heard my Mom outside the tent. She unzipped the door and made her way inside.

Five Lessons from a Seasoned (Western) New Yorker

If you've been following my 23-goals, you'll know that I agreed to visit my friend Rae in New York City during my week of "yes." We did a ton of incredible activities, so instead of trying to paint the narrative of my visit, I've decided to break my NYC adventure into the lessons that I've learned.

That Time I Worked on a Dairy Farm

Most people who have gotten to know me over the past few years find it impossible to believe that I worked on a farm as a teenager. I don't know if it's because of my love of Starbucks or my penchant for using mildly intellectual words like "penchant," but people rarely accept it when I say that I am well versed in farm culture. Since this will probably continue happening, I figured that the best way to explain this era of my life would be through a blog post.

I’m Thankful For…

As families across America gather around their tables or TVs to commemorate a holiday that is all about giving thanks, I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to list a few things that I am incredibly grateful for:

My Two Weeks Without Media

Like most people my age, I have an unhealthy dependence on all forms of media (Instagram, YouTube, online news sites, etc.). Realizing that this was a problem in my life, I decided to make it a goal that I would abstain from media for two whole weeks. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this challenge, but boy did I quickly learn.

I Said “Yes” for an Entire Week

I have a problem. No, I'm not referring to my obsession with documentaries about the morbidly obese or the happiness that I derive from making muffins late at night (although those may be connected and could undoubtedly use a blog post to dissect). Rather, I am referring to the unbelievably fast way in which I say "no."