Relieving the Pressure

This is the second year I’ve set the goal to publish a blog post each week, but unlike the first time, I’ve struggled to experience the creative inspiration that a deadline typically generates. In the past, the weekly publishing requirement compelled me to write some of my favorite posts, but instead of finding that to be the case this time around, I’ve published many posts that cause me to cringe when rereading. Because of that, I’ve decided to eliminate that goal to focus on higher-quality posts in the future.

I’ve considered this a few times throughout the past few months but always balked at the idea because it felt like an admission of failure—until I dug deeper. I finally asked myself why I’m writing these posts. Is it merely to hit a goal, or is it for the love of writing and creatively telling stories? After some thought, I had to admit that this year, it’s mainly because I want to mark a goal as completed, which is not the right reason to write. 

Additionally, I have to remind myself that this year has been anything but what was planned when I created the goal in October 2019. It has involved a cross-country move, a new job, acclimating to moving back in with family, and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. These unexpected factors have dampened the inspiration that previously fueled this blog, and that shift has significantly lowered my standard for posts.

So I’ve decided that moving forward, I’ll only be publishing when I have something I want to share. That could mean posting once a month, or it could mean that I post multiple times a week. Either way, I’m relieving the pressure to allow myself to return to the core purpose of this blog: recording my attempts to lead a more memorable life. 

Even now, I am struggling as to whether or not I should post this or if I should just crank out a mediocre retelling of an experience, but it’s that thought process that highlights how important it is to make this change. It’s going to be an adjustment, but I cannot wait to see what inspires me to write something new to share with my readers.

Let me know what you think!