A Snow Day for this Formerly Homeschooled Guy

Many people who grew up in the Northeast probably remember the euphoria of rushing downstairs on a wintery weekday to discover that school had been canceled. I, on the other hand, remember quite the opposite: an anticlimactic feeling of trudging downstairs on a snowy school-day to sit at the dining room table and work on my assignments. The difference? Being homeschooled.

Sure, my mildly unconventional education had benefits such as being able to do math problems in my pajamas or being encouraged to read four hundred page novels in the sixth grade, but even so, I missed the opportunity to skip school because of the snow. This is why I was so excited by today’s snow day of sorts.

I woke up early and heard the trademark muffled sounds of a Western New York winter. It had started snowing pretty heavily yesterday, and from the sounds of it (or lack thereof), the falling flakes hadn’t let up. I relished the feeling of being nestled under my warm blankets for a few minutes before deciding it was time to get up and get ready for church. This requires a lot when you are so warmly buried, but I was almost to the point where comfort collides with the need to use the restroom when I heard my sister say that church had been canceled.

This news got me out of bed quickly because it was one of those rare instances where a snow day was happening, and I came downstairs to find my family sitting in the living room during a time that would usually be reserved for church. Having nothing scheduled for the day, we enjoyed reminiscing about past winters and discussing a piece in the New York Times that I wouldn’t shut up about. (I’ve seriously been fixated on this article about the consequences of facial recognition technology.) Our time was wonderfully stress-free, and the continually falling snow outside made the day seem even more magical.

This was a much-needed reprieve from busyness since the past few weeks have been pretty hectic, so I am happy to report that it was a lazy day full of laughs with family and a few too many hours of Netflix true-crime shows. And since I am not able to pull a Cher and turn back time so I can enjoy snow days as a child, I will relish every one I can get as an adult.

Let me know what you think!

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