Thank U…What’s Next?

Although this year has not gone according to the five-year plan I once carefully crafted, I did my best to make the most of it. When I moved back to Florida in July, I did so with a steely determination to make my second round down south much more impactful than my first. While I never imagined I would one day be working in the legal field, I was excited to challenge myself in new areas and planned to stay in the job for the next few years. But once again, I came to realize how plans can change in the blink of an eye.

My sister’s health scare this fall highlighted just how far away from family I was and made me reevaluate what my priorities were. While advancing my career was and still is important to me, the events in October helped me realize that it was no longer my number one priority. So I returned from my unplanned visit with clarity that I was going to begin searching for a job that would bring me closer to family in New York.

I entered the job hunt feeling hopeful that I would find a position that checked all my “dream job” boxes. However, I quickly realized that my lack of professional connections in New York, as well as with my unintentionally choppy resume, could pose a few problems. But while those were both causes for concern, I did not have the luxury of sitting around worrying about those factors because I knew that I wanted to be working up north as soon as possible. So, ever the planner, I created a spreadsheet to track my progress and began applying to as many jobs as possible.

I honed in on positions at universities because after having worked for a startup and then a law office, I came to realize that higher education is what I am most passionate about. This stems from how I was the first person in my family to graduate from a university, which made me sincerely appreciate the education I was fortunate enough to receive. Because of this, I want to work in a career where I can help others reap the same benefits I gleaned from attending college.

During the job search, there were unanswered emails and rejection messages that threatened to weaken my resolve, but hearing back from a university in November put an end to those negative thoughts. Not only was the position in my department of choice, but it happened to be at a university that was at the top of my list of organizations to work for in New York State.

As I went through the interview process, I fell in love with the school even more, and before long, I had been offered a job working in the university’s Advancement Division. To say that I am excited about the opportunity would be the understatement of the year because this position will allow me to pursue my career passions while being close to family.

All of these exciting developments mean that I will be saying goodbye to Florida earlier than anticipated to start the next chapter of my life in New York. And while it is not where I thought I would be ending the year, I am confident that it is precisely where I am supposed to be. I cannot wait to see what exciting things are yet to come because if this past year is any indicator, some of the most resounding lessons and experiences happen when you least expect them.

Let me know what you think!

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