Preparing for the Final Sprint

Did my title make you think that I’m back into running long distances? I am most definitely not (thank you, skiing in Washington, for the knee injury). Instead, I am referring to the sprint towards the end of my year of goals.

It’s crazy to think that nine months have gone by since I first set my 23-goals, but that means that I only have three months (and five days in October) left to complete the twelve remaining goals. So I’m going to use this week’s blog post as a means of listing out how I plan on finishing the bulk of this year’s goals in the months that remain.

I’ve decided that the best way to tackle them would be by assigning the goals to a specific month. This way, I will be more apt to work on them than if I putz around waiting for inspiration to strike. So here are the goals that I’ve assigned to the remaining months:


  1. Cook something impressive
  2. Define my style
  3. Develop a workout routine that fits my style


  1. Do something crazy
  2. Join a group
  3. Affirm people more often


  1. Take a class
  2. Improve my handwriting
  3. Put an end to any grudges


  1. Double my blog readership
  2. Go without dessert/fried food for 180 days
  3. Publish a blog post once a week

So there you have it, I have officially planned out the rest of this year’s goals which will allow me to put more time and energy into them. It’s exciting for me to see everything outlined because last year I struggled to complete most of my goals. So this list gives me confidence that this year will see me accomplishing every goal that I set.

And as a side note, thank you for working your way through this thrown together blog post. I will admit that this week has been crazy, which left little to no time for writing. So this short, disjointed post is the result. It goes to show that setting a goal to publish a post once a week (with the week ending on Saturday) makes for some winners and some unfortunately mediocre posts. So with that being said, thank you for faithfully following my story.

Let me know what you think!

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