Finishing an Intimidating Book

Well, I did it. I finished an intimidating book. Kind of. Let me explain. I challenged myself a few weeks ago to read the 1847 classic Vanity Fair in eight days. It was ambitious, and I did it. Again, kind of.

Since I had such a short amount of time to read such a large book, I checked the book out from the library and downloaded the audio version to my phone. This allowed me to read when I could and listen when I was driving/walking/sitting on the floor. It was very effective until I realized that the audio version was different than the print version.

After completing the book the morning of the scheduled end of the challenge, I began leafing through the physical version and soon noticed that there were differences between that and the audio version. The differences weren’t major, but they were there. I soon wondered if I had not completed my goal of reading an intimidating book, and after some thought, I came to a conclusion.

Yes, I did successfully complete my challenge to read a book that intimidates me. Even though I didn’t finish the exact version of the book that I had gotten at the library, I did complete the story in its entirety, and that is pretty commendable for me.

I am not one who is into classics, British works, old-timey stories, etc. So the fact that I read/listened to a work that involved all of the aforementioned characteristics is remarkable. I would never have cracked it open if it hadn’t been for the challenge, and I am thrilled that I did.

Throughout my time spent immersing myself in the lives of the characters, I came to appreciate and like them. I soon found myself rooting for the anti-hero Becky Sharp and couldn’t wait to reach the end of the story to find out what happened to her character.

Side note: Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair is the O.G. Amy Dunne from Gone Girl. Just sayin’.

In the end, I walked away from the experience with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for classic works, and it has inspired me to see what other stories I should give a chance to capture my attention. I’m not saying that I am a classics connoisseur by any means, but I am much more willing to give books that I would have previously avoided a chance. And that, my faithful readers, is a success.

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