Calling an Audible

Yep, I just used a sports term. It was essentially clickbait to lure people who know how athletically-challenged I am to this post. So now that it has served it’s purpose (hello, non-habitual, curious readers!), I will begin an utterly non-athletic post.

I set out last October with an assortment of twenty-three goals that I excitedly looked forward to completing throughout the year. I have thoroughly enjoyed working my way through many of them and have found myself approaching the remainder of my list with a steely determination that has been absent in previous years. With this in mind, I am going to swap out a goal that I set at the beginning of the year.

There are two primary reasons for why I am doing this. The first is because the goal of “shattering my comfort zone” is somewhat vague and could easily be combined with my goal of “doing something crazy.” The second and, in my opinion, more important reason is that I have found an area of my life that needs the attention and intentionally that I know I will give once I have set a goal to tackle the problem.

The area that has started to need some serious attention is that of eating or, in my case, compulsively overeating. Sound familiar? It’s because me recognizing this vice and choosing to go without dessert for a year was one of my earliest challenges on this blog, and I credit it for being one of the main reasons that I began making many other positive changes in my life.

Unfortunately, since ending my no-dessert challenge, I have seen myself falling back into my former, unhealthy habits of overeating dessert. Granted, I have tried to go without it every once and awhile, but these were often disastrous attempts at self-control that would end after a few days.

This week it became especially bad, and it was during this particularly excessive period of binging that I realized how much I needed to make a change. However, I knew that merely saying that I was going to abstain would not help me in the end because of how often I can renege on those promises to myself. So instead of making an oath to myself to refrain from dessert, I am making it a goal for this year. And by doing this, I plan on completely crushing it.

So what’s the goal? It’s pretty simple. I am going to go without dessert and fried foods for 180 days. Hold up. Fried foods as well as desserts? Yes, you read that right. I know that I have a penchant for turning my food-loving focus (similar to the Eye of Sauron) onto fried foods when I am going without dessert. So packaging the two vices together should force me to actually live a healthier lifestyle.

Now I know that some of my readers may be thinking something along the lines of, “Dan, going without dessert isn’t control and will never help you overcome your over-indulgence in this area.” This is a standard response from people who hear that I am choosing to go without dessert, and I don’t have the energy to give my typical, impassioned response to it.

Instead, I will say this: find a binge-drinker who is in the process of quitting, pull them aside, explain that they aren’t truly controlling their problem by removing alcohol from their life, and allow their irate response to give you an idea of what I would like to say. This is a problem in my life, and I know that going without dessert (and fried food) will, as it has in the past, be nothing but beneficial to me.

So without any further ado, I am officially replacing a goal and beginning a 180-day challenge that could be harder than any others that I have done before. But what fun is life if it’s not full of challenges?

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