Using Someone’s Love Language to Make Their Day

Sometimes I meticulously plan the execution of my goals, and other times, I happen to complete a goal without even trying to do so. This recently happened when I bought my friend Alexis a bouquet of flowers.

I was out with a friend for the evening, and after dinner, we happened upon an artisan Christmas market. Ok, I say “we happened” as if one magically popped up outside the restaurant. It didn’t. We specifically drove to the market to peruse the selection of hipster gifts.

Anyway, once we were at the market, my attention was captured by a local flower shop. They had beautiful, festive bouquets set up on their table, and after some time spent going through the selection, the shop owner asked if I would like to purchase some. My first thought was to decline since I didn’t have much use for flowers, but after a few moments of considering, I decided to buy some for my friend Alexis, who I was planning on seeing the following day.

When Alexis came over the following day, I presented her with the flowers. I expected her to be appreciative, but she was so much more than that. The gift brought a huge smile to her face as she told me that a guy hadn’t bought her flowers in close to a decade and that she loved them. Here was something that I had done for the sake of just doing something nice for a friend, but it ended up meaning so much to her.

After this happened, I began to think more about gift-giving. This time of year naturally produces a hefty amount of gifting, but it is something that I want to expand to more than a once-a-year endeavor. I never set out to procure such an enthusiastic reaction from my friend, and I think that is what made the gift so special.

As I grow older, I want to make it a lifelong goal to give gifts freely and without a specific reason other than to make someone’s day better. It is easy to give during the Christmas season, but I want it to be just as easy to give in the middle of March.

So there I go checking another goal off of my list of 23 goals for this year. Here’s to what I hope to be many more unintentionally completed goals in the future!


Alexis’ response to the gift

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