23 Goals as a 23-Year-Old

A new year (birth year, that is) means a new set of goals. Last year I decided to move away from setting a goal for every year of my life in favor of fifteen more manageable goals. To be honest, these goals did not excite me. I wrote them in a haze of uncreativity last year when I was having difficulty finding something to write about, and I struggled to feel excited about many of them.

That has changed this year. I sat down a few weeks before my birthday to think about what I initially intended to do when I set goals. I first set goals to make my life more interesting (notice the name of my blog). Unfortunately, that is something that fell through the cracks last year, and I plan on changing it with these new challenges.

Yes, I am still all about self-betterment, but I want to make goals that can better my life while enriching it through an array of memorable experiences. With that in mind, I have decided to move back to setting one goal per year of my life and to make the goals ones that are more focused on experiences than vague ideas. So without further ado, here is my new set of goals:

1. Say “Yes” for an entire week
2. Do something crazy
3. Read a book that intimidates me
4. Join a group
5. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up
6. Cook something impressive
7. Develop a deeper family connection
8. Get published
9. Don’t consume media for two weeks
10. Develop a workout routine that fits my style
11. Put an end to any grudges
12. Double my blog readership
13. Ski somewhere breathtaking
14. Shatter my comfort zone
15. Go out of my way to visit a friend
16. Take a class
17. Visit Washington State
18. Use someone’s love language to make their day
19. Collaborate
20. Publish a blog post once a week
21. Define my style
22. Affirm people more often
23. Improve my handwriting

So there you have it, goals that genuinely excite me. I’ve looked at the age of twenty-three as being a boring, non-milestone year, but I plan on shattering that concept by making this my most memorable year to date. And I look forward to sharing each fantastic experience with you!

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