The End of a Life-long Habit

I have finally ended my nail biting habit. I have wanted to accomplish this for many years, but it wasn’t until I set a goal that I was able to rid my life of this gross habit. In case you have a hankering to see exactly what my fingernails looked like pre-change, I have included a photo here:


Wow, I feel like you have really gotten to know me on a deeper level after seeing such a detailed photo of my teeth-torn nails. I have a few thoughts about this photo:

  1. Looking at this picture, I have begun wondering if I was using my teeth or a miniature chainsaw to trim my nails.
  2. I could totally see this photo being plastered on a billboard alongside a message like, “1 in 5 college students bite their fingernails. This is an epidemic.”

I kicked off my challenge (which I shall affectionately refer to as the “No more Nail Biting Challenge” or “NMNBC”) in the beginning of March, and much to my surprise, I found that it was far easier to get rid of this habit than I had originally thought it would be.

I started out the NMNBC by recording a week of nail biting (to determine how prevalent the problem really was). The problem/benefit of this baseline week is that by recording my nail bites, I became so aware of it that I completely ended the habit by the end of the first week. You probably think that it was great for me to end the habit so quickly; well, it wasn’t. I wanted a more dramatic tale of struggling to quit, relapsing, crying on the bathroom floor as I gnaw on my thumbnail, having an inspirational talk with a wise friend who encourages me to seek further help, etc. To be honest, it was really quite underwhelming. However, I am still quite pleased by the results.

It has now been almost two months since I stopped biting my fingernails completely, and the thought of biting my nails is actually repulsive to me now. Who knew that it would be so easy to end such a pervasive habit? I sure didn’t! And without any further ado, here is what my nails looked like after a few weeks of not biting them:


Two things about this photo:

  1. Isn’t the lighting really great? You can check out more well-lit photos when I start my photography page: Yet Another Blogger Taking Photos.
  2. I recognize that my fingernails look like a person who lived in a cave for five years, but I was honestly nervous about trimming them. Thankfully, I have overcome that worry and am well on my way towards having well-trimmed healthy nails.

Thank you all for suffering through this post, because I know that it was really quite jumbled. Moral of the story: don’t write for public consumption during finals week.

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